Global Tribe & World KYC Press Release

In an era where data is as valuable as currency, GTD and World KYC are revolutionizing how global businesses manage their digital identity. With a shared vision that businesses should own their data and only pay for its custody and the potential to earn from it, GTD has partnered with World KYC to put control back into the hands of the original data owners.

As Canadian businesses navigate the complexities of online presence and authenticity, Meta Platforms Inc. has offered a glimpse into the future of digital verification. The Menlo Park, California-based titan announced a paid verification program on October 31, 2023 that endows businesses on Facebook and Instagram with a badge of authenticity, signaling the industry's shift towards enhanced digital trust.

For $36.99 monthly, this initiative grants companies a verification badge, proactive impersonation monitoring, and expedited support for account issues. Moreover, it amplifies their visibility in search results and recommendations in user feeds, provided they meet an undisclosed minimum tenure for security reasons.

This movement towards paid verification marks an industry-wide trend, with LinkedIn and Meta introducing similar initiatives. Meta's Meta Verified, for instance, promises account authentication using government ID, while X, formerly known as Twitter, incorporates a blue check mark as a symbol of verified presence.

These programs, spurred by a demand for authenticity and a response to the alarming rates of online impersonation reported by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, are more than just a mark of legitimacy; they are a step towards greater control over one's digital footprint.

However, the journey towards digital sovereignty is marred by the shadows of past privacy violations by Big Data companies. The necessity for verified accounts is undeniable, but incidents involving companies like Zoom, which shared user data with third parties without consent, Google's infringement on children's privacy laws, and Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, where millions of users' data was harvested without permission, have raised alarms. These breaches underscore the vulnerability of centralized data custodianship and the critical need for a paradigm shift.

GTD, in partnership with World KYC, is pioneering this transformation. By leveraging World KYC's expertise in identity verification and authentication, GTD is not just offering a badge of authenticity but also a fortress of data protection. Their innovative approach is a direct answer to the centralization woes that plagued their Big Data counterparts. Unlike the opaque practices of the past, GTD and World KYC's model is transparent, decentralized, and user-centric, ensuring businesses have unyielding control over their data.

The GTD and World KYC alliance envisages a future where businesses are not passive data subjects but active data proprietors. This initiative is not only in harmony with the current trend of social media verification but also an upgrade, reinforcing Canadian businesses' ability to assert their digital identity with the added reassurance of uncompromised privacy.

With GTD and World KYC, Canadian businesses are poised to navigate a digital ecosystem that places a premium on autonomy and the potential for monetization, without surrendering security or sovereignty. This collaboration is a testament to the belief that in the digital realm, ownership of data should be as intrinsic as ownership of one's identity. As they unveil their services, GTD and World KYC stand as the custodians of a new digital doctrine—where you command, possess, and profit from your data, securely and with absolute autonomy.

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