IEO and ICO issuance for the world

History shows that when IPO compliance has been too burdenful for SMEs, many such entities have turned to ICOs because of their under-regulated nature. The consequence has often been scams and fraud. Global TribeDefi offers the sovereign jurisdiction of American Indian Nations, thereby providing safe harbor for technology companies seeking to issue their asset backed tokens on and off chain. This means greater access to capital through fundraising that supports more just, inclusive, and sustainable socio-economic development. The result? Capital formation and fundraising solutions for basic infrastructure in the face of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 which prevents Native American Nations from obtaining "accredited investor" status.

Benefit to the tribal members:

  • Investment in the sovereign land will generate work for local members. We are contemplating a minimum stake for local ownership as done in many countries promoting direct capital investment to individuals.

Benefit to Small Businesses

  • Expansion of the market globally with more companies being created in the sovereign nation, thereby giving them the opportunity to sustain and grow while promoting direct capital investment to businesses.

Benefit for the tribes

  • The asset backed tokens on and off chain created by the tribes is an important source of income that promotes local investment. Stable coins work like a bond, a loan guaranteed by the sovereign community that launches the ICO promoting direct capital investment to tribal governments and the economic development initiatives of individual tribal members.