Crypto and Digital Currencies Exchange

When it comes to digital finance, it is not enough for tribal communities to issue an asset backed token on and off chain. It is also necessary to set up a platform functioning as a decentralized crypto exchange that connects assets both on and off chain. All Tribal digital and crypto currencies will be tradeable against brokers, allowing one to buy, sell, and trade / exchange currencies and also to sell and buy cryptocurrency. It works like a stock broker with the only difference being that it allows you to invest in all currencies, including crypto-assets, but also gold. Tribal communities will be able to place their specific token on this platform and carry out all kinds of exchanges

Benefit to the tribal members:

  • Individual members and small businesses will benefit indirectly from using this platform. The increase in the trading volume of tokens created by tribal communities will lead to an increase in liquidity which promotes investment opportunities.

Benefit for the tribes

  • Each tribe that uses the currency and crypto-asset exchange platform will be able to develop a more just, sustainable, and inclusive local economy. Tribes using the platform will benefit from revenue sharing on transaction volumes.