Instant Payment Wallet

A simple digital wallet to support decashing and merchant payment in the currency of choice. The deposit / cash in and withdraw / cash out offers greater access efficiency to cash than ATMs by leveraging the current merchant network. The wallet enables peer to peer payment at no cost and merchant payments at low or no cost.

Benefit to the tribal members:

  • Fast, easy, and convenient access to financial services in underserved/unbanked “financial desert” areas where customers have historically been neglected
  • Greater access to money with instant settlement of deposits, payments, and transfers
  • Provision of a digital wallet in local currency
  • Ease of use in the community
  • Ease of cash in and cash out
  • Real time payment

Benefit to Small Businesses

  • Reduction of risk associated with cash transactions
  • Receive the benefit of a credit card payment without the chargeback risk
  • Increase profitability with low to no transaction fees
  • Access to Emerging Business Banking – Online Gaming and Legal Cannabis

Benefit for the tribes

  • Access to financial services under simple and affordable conditions
  • Tribes can benefit from the white label platform