Mint Sovereign, Asset Backed Digital Currencies

Sovereign tribes can create money insured up to one dollar by authorizing the issuance of asset backed digital currencies for the use of benefiting the indigenous community. The first two utility tokens will be the Global TribeDefi Token, to finance the infrastructure cost, and the other a Sovereign Insured Stable Token to be staked in community projects.

Benefit to the tribal members:

  • Invest and participate in the support and success of local companies
  • Fractional ownership
  • Risk adjusted basis

Benefit to Small Businesses

  • Incentivize partial ownership in a safe and regulated environment
  • Grow loyal customer base
  • Finance company and increase volume of business

Benefit for the tribes

Create stable coin insured funds to support and finance the local economy while promoting trade with the global indigenous community. More precisely, Global TribeDefi empowers tribes to create their own stablecoin provided by the sovereign community and is convertible into US dollars. This stable coin becomes the currency of exchange for the tribes, and through the financial exchanges enabled by the stablecoin Global TribeDefi promotes:
  • Direct capital investment for businesses
  • Equitable community development
  • Sustainable infrastructure and climate resilience projects
  • Community microgrid in renewable and clean energy systems
  • Water purification, sanitation, and distribution
  • Agriculture and ranching production
  • Community planning and housing
  • Community manufacturing
  • Electrification