Sovereign and indigenous communities around the world are affected by poverty, unemployment, and a lack of business activity. There is a struggle to access capital and financial services. The financial technology of Global Tribe DeFi creates a financial system that matches these economic realities:

  • Improves the efficiency and reliability of transactions
  • Promotes the financial inclusion of individuals and SMEs
  • Create crowdfunding with fractional ownership
  • Create a stablecoin allowing ICOs
  • Promotes capital investment
  • Authorizes needs-based loans
  • Develop the financial inclusion of individuals and SMEs
  • Facilitates exchanges in American and global financial networks
  • Respects the compliance, transparency and legitimacy required by North American regulatory and law enforcement agencies


  • C1 – Consider the economic, legal and daily realities of tribal communities.
  • C2 – Reconnecting people of tribal communities and sources of capital.
  • C3 – Create a financial system for tribal communities to improve conditions of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.
  • C4 – Provide quick and easy access to capital and financial services in tribal communities.
  • C5 – Rely on the digitization of finance through technology with a concern for creativity and innovation.
  • C6 – Create TRIBAL DeFi, the FinTech dedicated to tribal communities, its products, processes and technology that benefit indigenous peoples, their companies and their authorities.

Thrust 1 – Promote digital transformation in tribal communities

  • S1 – Create TRIBAL DeFi to provide an innovative solution to the problem of insufficient capital in tribal communities for the inclusive, responsible and sustainable development of indigenous peoples.
  • S2 – Create TRIBAL DeFi, the self-regulated Fintech to facilitate access for Indigenous peoples and their businesses to affordable capital and financial services by opening them up to US and global markets.
  • S3 – Create TRIBAL DeFi by associating the sovereign authority of the governments of tribal communities.
  • S4 – Through the governments of tribal communities, partner with US agencies to ensure transparency and legitimacy.
  • S5 – Contribute to the development of the economic and human security of tribal communities in consultation with federal and tribal governments.
  • S6 – Contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the United States Senate Oversight Hearing on Access to Capital in Indian Country.
  • S7 – Include the TRIBAL DeFi initiative as part of the work on economic development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Indigenous Peoples (UN-DESA).

Thrust 2 – Promote the digital economy in tribal communities

  • S1 – Develop the economic growth potential of tribal communities based on their untapped resources, lands and sovereignty.
  • S2 – Expanding the emerging national market for Native American Nations (Gavin Clarkson*).
  • S3 – Serve and increase the economic opportunity of current and projected income streams from online gambling activities and legal cannabis sales.
  • S4 – Leverage the cash deposits generated by these activities to provide the source of capital to finance the development of tribal communities.

Thrust 3 – Transforming tribal communities into inclusive digital societies

  • S1 – Create a culture of financial innovation with simple and easy-to-use services, methods and products for tribal communities.
  • S2 – Provide banking services to under / unbanked legal trade areas.
  • S3 – Serve the traditionally overlooked customers and businesses
  • S4 – For individuals and SMEs, develop electronic payments and regulations "in real time", using affordable and easily scalable Internet technologies.
  • S5 – Foster direct capital investment in businesses, housing and infrastructure of tribal communities.
  • S6 – Promote loans based on the needs and conditions of tribal communities.
  • S7 – Create crowdfunding with fractional ownership, with the creation of a stablecoin dedicated to tribal communities (TCS) and the launch of ICOs.

Thrust 4 – Create a trusting, secure and ethical environment in tribal communities

  • S1 – Strengthen security and ethics in economic activities and digital transactions. With WorldKYC, promote a digital identification system through strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • S2 – Improve the commitment of tribal community institutions to the protection of personal data and confidentiality.
  • S3 – Define the regulations on transparency, conflicts of interest and insider trading.
  • S4 – Carry out regular evaluations and CAMELS-type ratings of all associated institutions.
  • S5 – Consult with U.S. banking regulators on compliance provisions for U.S. federal laws - anti-money laundering law, bank secrecy law, PATRIOT law, and Know Your Customer rules.

Thrust 5 – Train digital talents of tribal communities

  • S1 – Build the TRIBAL DeFi leadership team with directors from tribal communities and the United States and outside advisors.
  • S2 – Train the TRIBAL DeFi management team in the use of the services, methods and products operated by Winstant Limited - Trade Solutions Group, WinstantPay, WorldKYC - white label TRIBAL DeFi.
  • S3 – Train a team of marketers to approach institutions, businesses and populations.
  • S4 – Provide continuous training for staff of institutions, particularly financial institutions, to improve their digital skills.


  • January - February 2023: Context analysis of tribal communities, vision, objectives, thrusts, strategies. Editing of slide deck.
  • March-April 2023: Creation of 7 products, signature of partnerships with indigenous communities, their banks, and financial institutions. Mint Sovereign, Asset Backed Digital Currencies and IEO and ICO issuance for the world, digital currencies exchange. KYC-AML registration, opening of Instant Payment Wallets. Editing of the website.
  • May 2023: National awareness launch. Presentation of the project and products to sovereign government indigenous leaders, launch of the platform to make national and global payments.
  • June 2023: Establishment of the e-commerce platform promoting business exports.
  • July – December 2023: Implementation of other products depending on the authorizations obtained - establishment of points of sale with the support of local partner companies.